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EGE SHAFT, Turkey's leading company in its sector, has been bringing together agricultural machine shaft production with its domestic and foreign customers since it was founded in Izmir in 1994.


EGE SHAFT embracing the principle of high discipline and self-sacrificing work, has ADAPTED a production approach that is faster and higher quality, sensitive to the environment and in line with international standards.


Our productions are certified with CE quality certificate and are also within ISO 9001 quality certificate issued by the Turkish Standards Institute.


In line with the understanding of high quality and reliable service, the tests and reporting of our productions are carried out by internationally accredited impartial organizations.

Our company has a main production factory consisting of 7 thousand square meters of closed and 2 thousand square meters of open area, and a pipe drawing and forming production area of ​​​​4 thousand square meters. In order to meet the increasing market demands and support exports, it continues to increase its production capacity day by day with its qualified staff, each of whom is an expert in their fields.


In addition to standard production, it also provides product-oriented special production services by analyzing user requests and needs.

Our company, which manufactures hundreds of thousands of shafts and spare parts every year, delivers these products to its users in the fastest way, both at home and abroad.


EGE SHAFT, which has become a world-renowned brand with its rising quality and advanced fast production line in its sector, proudly represents the Turkish brand by exporting to more than 40 countries.


The company, which has captured a rich product range with its well-equipped R&D center, aims to provide innovative investments and the best service in the fastest way with rapidly developing technology.

Thanks to the computer software programs integrated into the production line, we provide safe and uninterrupted production by systematically following all stages of the production process from the entry of the raw material to the production area and manufacturing the shafts.


From production to control, from purchasing to planning, the whole team concentrates on production and as a result, we make a difference with our EGE SHAFT products that comply with world standards.

By getting stronger with our equity investments, we reflect this on our productions and share our power with the world by presenting our productions to our business partners, and earn together.


As EGE SHAFT, we are happy to present the legacy we have inherited from the soil back to where it came from with our sectoral experience, knowledge and service quality

Our R&D Studies
And Our Certificates

See our R & D work and our certification.

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Our R&D Studies<br>And Our Certificates
Our R&D Studies<br>And Our Certificates

Years of Experience

Mission & Vision


Our main goal is presenting the best quality at the best price, as soon as possible to our customers, producing optimal solutions to the problems, acting with superior work ethic and principle of honesty, becoming a solution partner that is appropriate for national and international standards, environment-friendly, reliable and focused on maximum customer satisfaction.

Our firm is growing rapidly due to its qualified staff who have principles, believe in team work, are experts in their subjects, follow technology closely, can advise alternative solutions to customers’ problems and have made an effort to present the highest quality since the day when it has been founded untill that day by gaining the confidence of customer.


Our firm;

is aware that the human factor is the most important element.
is a company that is open for improvement, corporate, reliable, independent and profitable.
shares leadership responsibilities with its employees.
is one of the best companies in its own sector as a result of working together of high quality and technically trained workforce.
proves its ability to present more appropriate solutions to customer and its competitors due to using technology and all kinds of information correctly.
respects to social values and environment.


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