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About Us

Egeşaft, has started to manufacture overload safety coupling of Agricultural Machine Shaft in 1994.  The main reason of our start for shaft manufacturing is the lack of firms that are capable to manufacture agricultural shaft in sufficient quality. Our firm has drawn away other firms in its area in domestic with superior quality and pluriformity throughout the production life of over 20 years and by exporting to 45 countries it has become one of the leading firms.

Egeşaft’s production quality has been examined in the institutions who can certify CE certificate that a few firms in the world can be certified and it has been certified with CE Quality Certificate, so that Egeşaft is one of the 2 firms that have CE Certificate in our country.

Within the scope of social responsibility project,  Egeşaft plays an efficient role for raising informed individuals with vocational training, in Professional Chambers, Apprenticeship Training Center, technical high schools and in industry collaboration projects with Turkish Employment Organization and it develops these projects. It manufactures technological projects by asscociating with universities.